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Hubbard and Forge Light Fixtures

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Our interior design and construction management company has been around for over 40 years. In those 40+ years, we have learned how important it is to have quality and reliable suppliers. We have found this type of supplier in our partnership with #HubbardandForge light fixtures over the years.

Light Fixture
Hubbard and Forge Light Fixture

Why Hubbard and Forge Light Fixtures?

We first started working with #HubbardandForge in 2008 when looking for #customlightfixtures for our client. Their hand foraged designs left us speechless. No one fixture is alike and they are super durable.

The durability factor was a big selling point with us when we first started using them for outdoor light fixtures. As we all know, #Newfoundland has some harsh weather and it is important that these custom lights do not go blowing down the road with the garbage bin. Time and time again they were able to withstand the brutal storms we faced from #StJohns to #CornerBrook.

After this great experience, we started looking at their bigger indoor pieces. These were a great option for our clients looking for a stand-out, unique light fixture. Being able to stand out while also balancing a rooms' design is a tricky thing to manage but we find #HubbardandForge does a beautiful job of this.

We still use and recommend these light fixtures to clients to this day as their product offerings grow and develop. To find out more on their offering check out their website:

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